#RampFail Twitter Chat Questions

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Join In! #RampFail Twitter Chat Tues. June 20 3:00 pm EST/ Noon PST – Who and What is Missing in Accessibility Conversations

Time: 3:00 pm EST/ Noon PST/ 7:00 pm UTC

1:   What are your top 5 accessibility concerns? Tell us about the worst attempt at accessibility you’ve encountered. Send a photo if you have one.


2: Tell us about the best access experiences you have had.  Send photos if you have them?
3: Tell us about times when you have had to teach people about accessibility?
Did they think they knew about it beforehand?
4: Paralympic athletes are many people’s image of disability. How do you think this impacts discussions about accessibility?
5: Do you think access to healthcare (including mental health) and supports necessary to live in community are accessibility issues?
6: Who in the disability community is missing from most conversations about accessibility? Important all disabilities & diversity within disability community is included in discussions about accessibility, yet often doesn’t happen. What can we do within our own community to change that?
7: What other parts of your identity & lived experience are relevant to accessibility but often not considered?





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