Some of us get the long guns: Accessibility and Inclusion and Making and Holding Space

Some of us get the long guns. I said this in a conversation with another disabled woman in the Accessibility Room at an Active Transportation summit. I was explaining why I believe policing is a vital part of the conversation about accessibility of active transportation and had, specifically sought out presenters to speak about this.…

Removal of Sign Celebrating Cecil Rhodes

Your job is to teach Vancouver students how to learn from history not how to memorialize and preserve the worst of it. Vote tonight to remove the slab of stone celebrating Cecil Rhodes from a Vancouver schoolyard playground. This should not be a difficult decision.

My (Disabled and Poor) Physiotherapy Story

Part One 1. The dividing up of which body parts & which conditions, treatments, (any?) medications get coverage under our ‘universal’ healthcare is not based on science or public need/interest. The specific issue I raised here is #BCLiberalPhysio#bcpoli And this is probably my cue to sign off Twitter. A BC journalist has time to go…

Morning After Election Thoughts About Poverty and Disability in a city with NPA Green 💰🧐 and Greens

Last night as I watched the make up of council unfold I said to someone “I’m scared” and then immediately regretted my choice of word. This isn’t Trump – the new yardstick for measuring how bad election results can be. The truth is there is no one word to describe how I feel but anxious might be closest.

Curiosity: Vancouver’s Straw Ban – Another Barrier and Another Excuse For Non-Disabled People to Shame, Marginalize, Interrogate and Demonstrate They Don’t Care About Discrimination Against Disabled People

  On May 16, 2018, the City of Vancouver, BC voted unanimously to proceed with a ban on single-use plastic straws. They did so despite the fact they are necessary for some disabled people and that alternatives (metal, paper, bamboo…) are not suitable for different reasons for different disabled people.   The City had originally…

Time For A New Approach to Disability Policy in BC – Part One – Why

This is the first in a series about disability policy in BC. Part one is intended to deal with why we need a dramatic shift in approach.     We have a new provincial government in British Columbia. Will it offer us a new approach to disability policy? If so, what should it be? In…


This is the sign you hang on your window when you design to exclude. Inaccessibility is discrimination.