BC Government Transfer of ‘Assets’

This opinion piece about the BC Government’s transfer of publicly owned and operated housing to private non-profits was published last week. This is the part that was left out: Defending Public Housing is Not Attacking Private Non-Profit Housing – They are Different On moving in day, I surrendered use of the reserved elevator three times…


No room to turn around
They know the price of turning
No one bothered to calculate the cost of not

Vancouver – A Word About Accessibility & Why Not All Complaints Are Equal

Dear Mayor and Council and Appropriate City Staff, Re: Accessibility and Paving of Arbutus Corridor/Greenway I am writing to request you finish paving the Arbutus Greenway area immediately. This is my second letter about this matter. I sent the first in an email  on August 11, 2016 to Mayor and Council via the City Clerk’s office but…